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Letters to the Editor


These are excerpts from the many letters we received. You will find the complete text in the Mail Run section of the magazine.

Dear Sam:
Got the six back issues of the Yukoner and the magazine has taken me in completely. I love it. It is simple, it is fresh in mind and written so that a normal human being can understand it. The format is easy to carry on all the trails one brakes or follows. I thank you for your time. Please keep up the good work and don't forget to grease the old press and keep sending the Yukoner.
P.E., British Columbia

Dear Editor:
I've read six issues of your magazine with great interest. Good luck to you and your magazine.
R.B., British Columbia

Dear Publisher & Editor
I received my first issue of the Yukoner. I sure enjoyed reading it. Read it over again and again. Looking forward to the next part of the Goldseeker. The story of Gene Dubois was sure interesting. I remember hearing of his sled dog run to Quebec in the news.
H.A., British Columbia

Dear Dianne:
Enjoyed the stories in the Yukoner, which I borrowed from an old miner who lives in Burnaby. My wife and I have travelled to the Yukon twice and look forward to another trip this year. We have fond memories of the Chilkoot Pass and Atlin. Please send all the back isuses and a two-year subscription.
C.R., British Columbia

Hello Sam:
So glad to see the magazine is continuing. I have all the previous issues.
S.B., Yukon
Dear Publisher:
Please send me your magazine. I was amazed when I read one at our camp in Ranger Lake. It was an old issue. All my life I've wanted to live in the Yukon. So far I haven't even been able to visit. Thank you so much.
M.K., Ontario

Dear Sam:
Keep up the good work. Your magazine is original and well done.
S.L., British Columbia

Dear Sam,
I don't want to miss a single issue of The Yukoner. GREAT little magazine. Especially the (to be continued) stories. I've always loved the North and would love to take a trip to the Yukon. Meanwhile, I'll travel that fascinating country through your magazine.
N.T., Alberta

Dear Sam:
Enclosed a cheque for renewal to The Yukoner. Can't take a chance on missing any issues. My wife and I spent a month touring your country and parts of Alaska. The trip opened up our understanding of your stories. Please keep up the good work and be sure to keep me on your list.
J.H., British Columbia

Dear Dianne & Sam
First of all, a thank you for your enjoyable presentation of life in the Yukon, edifying and entertaining, serious and silly. A great melange!
G.L., British Columbia

Dear Folks:
I wish to congratulate you on the production of this very fine little magazine. I have subscribed to Up Here and Alaska Magazine and you very nicely fill the gap between those two. Thanks again for a fine magazine.
G.J., Manitoba

Dear Sam & Dianne:
I really enjoyed your 9th edition and particularly the W.J. Swanson story and the map showing the creeks. Having worked on Glacier, SixtyMile, Quartz, Dominion, Bonanza and Eldorado, Swanson's adventures had a more personal feeling to me, and I am looking forward to the next segments. This production effort is a real insight into the past and present heritage of the Yukon. Thank you both for your efforts.
I.H., British Columbia

Dear Sam:
Received my complete order of magazines. I'm very pleased with all the easy reading and colourful stories, a real sort of grist for my conversation at the local watering hole (Legion) on a quiet rainy day. All stories are repeated as my Uncle Sam told them to me years ago. I think the comments from the Publisher are absolutely great. Keep them coming.
W.B., British Columbia

Dear Sam:
Thank you for all the nine issues of the Yukoner Magazine, each one read cover to cover. Keep that old press rolling and the stories coming.
J.G., Yukon

Dear Dianne:
Received my Yukoner magazines today and my husband is thrilled with them. Thanks so much for getting them off to me so quickly.
B.N., Prince Edward Island

Dear Sam:
The Bushman is a best seller and I think they should make a movie out of it. So get going and send it to some producers.
P.E., British Columbia

Dear Editor:
Thank you for your magazine and I am glad someone is publishing stories about individual people.
T.W., British Columbia

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